Marriage Wendy and Damiano on the cliffs?

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The marriage of Wendy and Damiano from Blind Married is doomed to fail, there doubt almost no one. There Was actually a viewer that there is confidence in had when Wendy and Damiano each weeks ago in the VTM program Blind Married each other for the first time in the eyes looked?

“The bullet is through the church, and now the experiment will begin. We go to both of us hurl!”, it sounded excited at teacher and personal trainer Damiano Fiore immediately after his ‘ yes ‘ to the 30-year-old Antwerp Wendy Dirven. But that excitement is a few weeks later, but only a few to note. However, had Wendy and Damiano a good first impression of each other at the start of the adventure. “He has a beautiful smile, beautiful eyes, and he is great. Damiano is a lovely man. I immediately thought: with such a person, I see me together”, laughed Wendy. Also Damiano doubted in the beginning not of the second: “There is a fun vibe, we laugh at both, and both are social. This is a good start. Wendy has a really nice energy, I’m curious to get to know her”.

There was enough opportunity to get to know each other better. The wedding, a honeymoon and the first few days and nights in their own homes. But already on the honeymoon watched tv-looking Flanders that the relationship between Wendy and Damiano was not what the experts thought. The two have not a fairytale wedding and their honeymoon are becoming one long agony. Does it still make sense to Wendy and Damiano still continue to work on their relationship? Is it not better to start the separation, so both of them have their own way can go?

Talk, talk, talk and more talk, talk, talk. That is what Wendy Dirven and Damiano Fiore, to the great annoyance of the viewer. Damiano sees a marriage with Wendy not to sit, that had tv-looking Flanders quickly. Two people blind marry can succeed – just look at Stijn and Nuria – but the experiment can hard fail and there are Wendy and Damiano this season, is the living example of this. Wendy gave Monday during the broadcast of Blind Married that she and Damiano to stall. Outside of a cuddle in bed before going to sleep, there is not the least spice up the relationship between them. They live together, eat together, go together on a trip but there is not. A kiss is all too much to ask. Damiano doesn’t feel like it, and gives the impression that he no effort to get out of his comfort zone. Wendy tells this week in Tv Family that Damiano really be doing his best but that your feelings can not force it. Damiano received the past few weeks a lot of criticism on the social media. “I think the criticism is completely unjustified. As Damiano went on any time to be very honest, respectful and loving with me. ’t Is sweet, but the viewers do not need pity to have with me, you know,” says Wendy in the Tv Family. But that pity is definitely there. Wendy hopes that Flanders Damiano another chance because according to her he is a sensitive man who is the very best intentions. Wendy has all the reasons to be disappointed, but angry, she is not. “I really can’t say that he is too little trouble. Everyone shows affection in a different way. Damiano spoke not, but he did so many sweet things for me. So prepared he usually is, or he left a memo behind.”
Despite the fact that there is currently no ‘falling in love’ is, like both Wendy as Damiano still go for it. “I’m a go-getter,” says Wendy in the Tv Family. “And it is indeed a marriage, hey. Not just a date. I am who I am commitment no light entered.” Wendy continues in the future believe. “I still hope our marriage will succeed. If I have somewhere to start, I give. That you will the coming weeks be sure to see,” concludes Wendy.

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