Marital bliss Sasha & Davy is now complete

8be4acb10d02bb985fec70c6458589f7 - Marital bliss Sasha & Davy is now complete

This week in the magazine Primo an exclusive report by Sasha & Davy, that on the buddhist way are married in Thailand. On 11 June 2010, the legal marriage of this nice couple place already in Westerlo. A church wedding was not because Sasha is not baptized and also her solemn communion did not. At home, she was never raised religious. In buddhism, there are no restrictions and therefore could this spiritual ceremony, however, continue in Thailand. Davy thought earlier that buddhism is a kind of faith, but through this reading, he came to know that it is actually a spiritual philosophy of life. The trouwkledij was from Belgium included, while the other required attributes in a local Thai shop that were purchased.

The complete report of the wedding of Sasha & Davy are you reading this week in Primo, with next week the serials.

Text: Nico Vanaken

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