Makaay: ’Arjen must still stay for a year’

415d779f9685f1bd84117a2490092845 - Makaay: ’Arjen must still stay for a year’

Former Bayern-striker Roy Makaay, who themselves are five main prizes won between 2003 and 2007 in Munich, will find that Arjen Robben should not leave the German club.

Roy Makaay after one of his hits in the service of Bayern Munich.

“If he is fit, and he proves in this period that he is, he must tenth season. Arjen is doing great. He is still not ready. In addition, he is enormously popular with the fans,” said Makaay, who is also a great status as a Dutch player, and on march 24, again true for former Bayern against former Liverpool at Anfield.

Added value

Robben is him, however, had passed. Makaay: “Arjen is already so long. He has everything experienced, depth and highlights. Of the missed penalty in the Champions League final against Chelsea the winning goal in the final at Wembley. I think it’s still a gain. The only question is whether he can find in the rotation, that a coach at Bayern increasingly do. There is so much choice in the selection. Bayern plays the entire season every three or four days and you see that Jupp Heynckes never two times with the same setup takes office. Even with his defenders circulated he was.”

Read the full story about Arjen Robben in the premium edition of The Telegraaf/Telesport from Wednesday 14 march.

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