Kobe Ilsen ready for season 2 of The 3 modes

cdaa239e9db8f3bbe85e35b128983f28 - Kobe Ilsen ready for season 2 of The 3 modes

From Sunday evening march 25, delves Kobe Ilsen again the Flemish living rooms with The 3 point. With a tight suit, he’s ready for the second season of this legendary panelprogramma, in a renewed decor and a whole lot of new ways. Familiar faces like Maaike Cafmeyer and Sven de Leijer will be joined by newcomers Julie Van den Steen, Philippe Geubels and Adriaan Van den Hoof.

This season there are two new sections: in the new round of “the film” the life of an unknown countryman, that something exceptional has performed or unlikely has experienced, filmed. And this results, of course, a surprising question to continue. Tom Audenaert, Liesa Naert Koen Van Impe take the roles for their account. The answer to the corresponding question is then again by the real unknown compatriot.

In another new section, you can enjoy the amazing musical talents of, among others, Herman Brusselmans, John Crombez, Caroline Van den Berghe, Pascal Braeckman and Mathias Vergels. They play their own version of a song from an internationally well known artist where Kobe an unexpected question about sets.

The 3 Wise men, from 25 march, every Sunday at 20.30 hrs on One.

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