King and queen posing with autistic royalty fan

11919e438ede43f0168063ea39e5735f - King and queen posing with autistic royalty fan

King Filip and queen Mathilde of belgium during a state visit to Canada a remarkable encounter. They went on the photo with Dylan Atack, a 28-year-old man with autism who already have different signatures and photos with royals and heads of state.

After a flight of one hour from the snowy capital of Montreal arrived the couple and the procession of a 200-many ministers, officials, business people, toplui in higher education, and journalists in Toronto. King Filip and queen Mathilde were there first, the official plichtsplegingen for the choosing by the authorities of the province of Ontario.

The official programme, with the 28-year-old Dylan to a surprising end. The autistic man stole the show. Atack had the Canadian embassy write to the king and queen to meet. The wish ended up so much more on the palace and eventually, in the government building, the meeting made possible, laid he, and his mother was from.

The young man handed his mother a bouquet of flowers and made a short conversation with the king and queen. “I love Belgium. It’s a beautiful country. I love the biscuits. And the chocolate. And the waffles told Atack to the journalists. “What I know of the king and queen? They are friendly people.” The monarchs also got a shirt from the Bulldogs and the Tigercats, two clubs where Dylan works for.

The photos come already in his collection with The Queen, prince Harry, and various Canadian prime ministers – Justin Trudeau is even a friend. A meeting with the former American president, Barack Obama is his dream.

After the passage in the provincieoverheden cuts the king an economic program. With the CETA free trade agreement want the existing companies to trade with the vast expanses of Canada to increase.

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