Kim Kardashian wants no more than four children

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What Kim Kardashian is concerned, there are in her family place for up to four children.

“I can, I think not,” said the 37-year-old Kardashian, who now has three children with Kanye West, in an interview with Elle.

“I need my time to properly distribute. I think it is also important that you as a mother, your husband just as much attention as your children.”

The realityster says a good marriage. “He has taught me more an own opinion to have,” she says about West. “And I’ve taught him what to become more relaxed. We keep each other in balance.”

Surrogate mother

Chicago, the third child of Kardashian and West, was about two months ago. The girl was via a surrogate mother born because Kardashian with previous pregnancies had problems.

“I hated my pregnancies,” says Kardashian. “But despite that I still like to be done yourself. I found it very hard to to let go of control. Once that was successful, I found it a fine experience. I would everyone surrogacy recommend.”


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