Kim Kardashian had traumatic births

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The births of her children, North and Saint were traumatic for Kim Kardashian. That tells the realityster, which is a condition in which the placenta to the uterus remains attached to the American edition of Elle.

Kim Kardashian

Kim describes her experiences quite detailed in the interview. “After the birth hear your placenta to come out, but mine was stuck,” she recalls. “In order to get out of it, this is so disgusting, had to the doctor his whole arm in me to put it off to scrape. It did really hurt.” Complications in childbirth were not only for Kim nasty experiences, and her mother Kris had been difficult. “Until the day of today she should cry if you want to begin. It was so traumatic.”

Kim and husband Kanye West chose it because of the condition placenta accreta on doctor’s advice for their third child, a surrogate mother in turn. Who brought in January of this year daughter Chicago in the world.

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