Kernakkoord Iran in danger

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Rex Tillerson.

With the “Rexit” and Mike Pompeo as the new minister of Foreign Affairs , Donald Trump in the White House a loyal fan.

Iran is a police state ruled by bandits and a despotic theocracy, with ambitions similar to those of the terrorist group. That is the summary of the hard speech that then-CIA director Mike Pompeo in October 2017, gave at the university of Texas. The American president Donald Trump has Pompeo yesterday appointed as his new minister of Foreign Affairs. He replaces Rex Tillerson, who Trump the past few months, urged the nuclear deal with Iran.

Just like Trump is also Pompeo for the hard line on Iran. His appointment may in the very short term to a major policy change lead. Within two months, occurs the deadline for the ratification of the kernakkoord. If Trump re sanctions set up against Iran, then he pulls the United States to unilaterally back out of an agreement in which the European diplomacy is very strong has invested.

In January 2016, decided the US and the EU to the economic sanctions against Iran to be lifted, after the International atomic energy agency had concluded that Iran’s nuclear program had been halted, such as in 2015 was agreed. But the United States wanted the Iranian stance in the keep track of, and the agreement periodically to re-energize. Trump did that even in January, though he added there when all that the ‘last time’ would have been.

At the same time should be a second, possibly even much more complex kerndossier. Trump announced last week to everyone’s surprise, after all, he’s the invitation accept to be the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un to meet. That conversation would be possible already in the month of may – also within two months. Pyongyang is proud that it has nuclear missiles that the US can get. Successfully negotiate with the regime is much more complex than the hard-fought deal with Tehran.

The new minister of Foreign Affairs defends not only the hard line on Iran. He is also against the closure of Guantánamo, a prison that regularly was under fire for the mistreatment of terrorist suspects, find the huge data collection of the secret service, NSA fine,, and considers waterboarding is not a form of torture.

‘Rexit’ hung in the air

At the same time, Rex Tillerson to the post of Foreign Affairs also no lasting impression made. The former boss of the oliegigant Exxon Mobil thought in advance it may be that a large company boards are not so strongly differs from a cabinet lead. But Tillerson got lost in the bureaucracy of Washington. He was instructed to drastically cut the costs to cut, saw a whole host of carrièrediplomaten voluntarily depart, and vital items – such as that of ambassador in South Korea – are still vacant. The rumors about Rex Tillersons resignation dragged for months and were ‘Rexit’. Only the timing Tillerson thought that his position finally secure it was surprised.

Tillersons biggest problem was that he so often disagreed with Trump. Even this dismissal do different versions of the round. According to the White House was Tillerson informed in advance, minister of Foreign Affairs, Steve Goldstein, said that Tillerson on Tuesday did not plan to resign. To Trumps a tweet, walked in. A few hours later, Goldstein was shown the door.

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