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Jane Hawking: ‘We are four in got married’

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In a candid interview in 2015, told Jane Hawking, the ex-wife of Stephen Hawking, how close the film version of their relationship in ‘The Theory of Everything’ leans against the truth. “When I saw the film, I thought: she has my personality stolen!’

“When I saw the film, I recognized myself especially in the characters,” says Jane Hawking. Jane was for many years was married to Stephen Hawking: physicist, cosmologist, mathematician and AS a patient. In The Theory of Everything is the relationship of the Hawkings under the microscope and the toll of Stephen Hawkings from mental illness and urge to scientific discoveries, the couple finally too much and they go their own way – just as it is there in their lives”. “I thought: that actress has my personality stolen,” says Jane.

After watching The Theory of Everything asked of different media, to the opinion of the Hawkings. The result was surprising: Stephen found that ” there is too little space was left for his scientific publications and for the mathematical aspect of his career’ while Jane is still what emotion was missing during some scenes. And right there is where the problem lies, according to Jane.

‘Care for Stephen was much heavier than in the movie

“In reality, was caring for Stephen is much heavier and they were the obstacles we had to overcome much greater than in the film. But I do understand that this is not filmed can be, ” says the ex-wife of Stephen.

Are from mental illness made sure that Hawkings nerve cells irrevocably been compromised, so he soon was paralysed and in a wheelchair ended up. After the scholar in 1985 and a lung infection and suffered, had his vocal cords are severed so that only can communicate via a computer program.

‘With four got married’

“In fact, we are four in got married: Stephen, I, physics and nerve disease. And if you from mental illness takes away, then we sat still with that physics. You know, the wife of Einstein called physics ever as the reason of her divorce…’

Read the entire interview with Jane Hawking in The Guardian.


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