Heavy penalty is looming for PAOK-boss with gun

7e946c802046abf7398231853da2ead0 - Heavy penalty is looming for PAOK-boss with gun

ATHENS – President Ivan Savvides of PAOK is possible for five years suspended. The Greek football association said the men have been charged with multiple offences, including violent behavior.

Ivan Savvides, the president of PAOK, walks with a gun on the field.

Savvides stormed protected by bodyguards during the past weekend the field, after a goal in the game with AEK was rejected. He wore a holster around his waist with a gun. He has not with the gun threatened.

Because this is not the first incident in the Greek football was explained to the government Monday, the league in the highest division, still. Savvides has since apologized.

You may get PAOK also have points deducted.

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