’Hawking was the inspirational figure for many’

4b02ff03d216c9376f8bce762cdb560c - ’Hawking was the inspirational figure for many’

UTRECHT – “The Wednesday death of British physicist Stephen Hawking was a very remarkable person. As a physicist, he was very driven and anyone with a disability, he was a role model.” That says a nobel prize winner and emeritus professor of theoretical physics at the University of Utrecht Gerard ’t Hooft in a reaction to the death of Hawking.

“He had very good ideas. His greatest discovery, I think, has he done when he was younger. He discovered that black holes are particles. There he was behind by the count,” says ’t Hooft. The retired professor says he is always admiration for Hawking, who suffered from the neurological disease AS well, because he showed that you don’t need to give you such a heavy condition. “Respect force still can.”

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