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Has Reviewcommissie still use?

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The board of directors of the Pro League will be in its next meeting about the future of the Reviewcommissie. As from next season all matches of a videoref be provided, calls for a discussion on the usefulness of the Reviewcommissie.

Everything indicates that the Reviewcommissie from next season no longer look at the Jupiler Pro League. In september 2017, the Pro League after all, that the commission no images would analyze competitions in which the videoref available. “It should be avoided that the Reviewcommissie and the VAR there is a different view would hold. This can cause legal uncertainty associated with the clubs lead,” said the Pro League back then.

The coming play-offs will be the Reviewcommissie only in play-off 2 be used, because for all matches in play-off 1 and the barrages afterwards, videorefs. Next season, will the VAR be available for all matches played in the Jupiler Pro League, which the Reviewcommissie only service would do for the Proximus League.

The Reviewcommissie was in the summer of 2014 in the life called to brutal errors that are not or misjudged by the referee, in retrospect still to be able to punish on the basis of television pictures.

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