Gernandt, Faber and Brauers in film about Bokkenrijders

8def35cc502d08f4601a775cd8774025 - Gernandt, Faber and Brauers in film about Bokkenrijders

Tygo Gernandt, Peter Faber and Joes Brauers play the lead roles in For Gallows and Wheel, a short film about the legendary gang of the Bokkenrijders. The trailer of the film, which is in the lee is included, was Wednesday launched by Cinesud, a platform that Limburg as filmgenieke region wants to promote.

For Gallows and Wheel it tells about the sixteen-year-old Thias (Brauers) that in the mid-eighteenth century a member of a gang of street children. Thias is the son of Matthias Pont (Gernandt), the captain of the Bokkenrijders, who is arrested and convicted for terrible crimes. Faber plays the role of the local sheriff who at Pont hunts.

The film by directors Paul Haan and Jeroen Wielheesen is 23 minutes. It is intended that For Gallows and Wheel this summer in Limburg and will be premiered and then to various festivals to see. The project is largely financed through crowd-funding.

The directors hope to ever have a speelfilmversie of the story.

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