Fresh selling world cup tickets

0b095d6039be24ef641c37751f9a66c6 - Fresh selling world cup tickets

During the first 24 hours of ticket sales for the world cup in Russia is the ticket sales can be especially hard went.

The cup in June and July is all about.

In total, there were 356700 cards sold. Of the buyers came 197036 people from Russia.From abroad went to the most cards to the United States (14845), Argentina (14564), Colombia (13994), Mexico (13505), Brazil (9691), Peru (9493), Australia (5.500), Germany (5476), China (5459) and India (4166).

The world cup begins in exactly three months, with the duel between Russia and Saudi Arabia. There are 32 countries which participated in the global voetbalstrijd. The netherlands is missing for the first time since 2002 in a world cup.

The wereldvoetbalbond FIFA would like to emphasize that the only reliable place where tickets can be purchased.

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