Frank Lammers wants football bar in a listed building

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Actor Frank Lammers wants the football bar on the monument is set. Previously called the star, known for hits such as Michiel de Ruyter and black book, in an interview on NPO Radio 5.

Frank Lammers

“The sportverenigingsleven is the cornerstone of the Dutch society,” says Lammers. “That we should cherish. For example, by beautiful, ingenious and funny films or such productions to devote to it. But I also think that the football canteen on the listed building would need to end up.”

The actor is going to the women of All Stars directing. He takes the job from Job Gosschalk, that all of his work dropped after the confession that he has been guilty of sexually inappropriate behaviour with actors. The police investigation into this case after five months still not completed.

The musical is based on the film All Stars 1997. According to Lammers, the story needs to be to the modern times to be adjusted. “In the past the football canteen as a male domain,” he explains. “But the wife has already been brutally and her entrance in this mannenbiotoop done. There, we will adapt the story to.”

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