France is dragging Apple and Google for the right

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PARIS – France drag techgiganten Apple and Google to court for unfair trade practices. The French Finance minister Bruno Le Maire has this Wednesday announced. The conditions that the American companies appmakers, get him a thorn in the eye.

Both companies charge 30 percent of the sale price of apps in the app store. For Android phones, it is still possible to use apps outside the app store of Google on the phone. At Apple, this is almost impossible. In addition, the techreuzen unilaterally modify the terms.

Le Maire to let you know that Apple and Google have become so powerful, but that they are “our start-ups and developers are not going to be able to treat”. According to the minister, would be the penalties for the Us companies “in the millions of euros”.


Before it went Le Maires ministry already behind Amazon in a similar case. A court bow is still that question, in which France, according to the newspaper Le Parisien a fine of 10 million euros seeks to impose.

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