Father Robben: “Later this season, appointment with the guidance Bayern’

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Father Hans Robben, who has already for years, acting as manager of his son Arjen, let them know that the leadership of Bayern with the camp Robben in a call wants. “We have an appointment later this season. We have no hurry,” adds senior.

Arjen Robben

From the whole world, there is interest in the 96-fold international, which late last year announced that he stopped at the Dutch national team after the last world cup qualifier against Sweden afzwaaide. In the United States, China and the Middle East are miljoenencontracten ready for him. Everyone wants to be the star player for a few more years in the house. But it is also interesting to Bayern ten years. If he his contract would extend he goes after the summer of his tenth season at Bayern, him a multi-millionaire has made but also a lot has recovered from the man from Bedum.

Red carpet

That the camp is Robben not to hurry up with the negotiations is understandable. Whether or not to extend at Bayern will much depend on the plans that the club has and that the feeling of the player at the end of the season. Why would he need to choose for a possible rouleersysteem next season, as elsewhere in the world, the red carpet is still being rolled out? The are the decisions that a can use per season.

Read the full story about Arjen Robben in the premium edition of The Telegraaf/Telesport from Wednesday 14 march.

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