Famke Jannses with Nicolas Cage in action movie

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Famke Janssen is the tegenspeelster of Nicolas Cage in the movie Primal of director Nick Powell. The recordings start on april 10 in Puerto Rico, reports Deadline.

Famke Janssen

Janssen plays in the film, a neurologist with the U.s. navy. The story takes part on a Spanish cargo ship, with exotic and deadly animals of the Amazon by ’hunter’ by Nicolas Cage in the deepest secret to the United States to be brought, together with a assassin that the U.S. is delivered. The assassin escapes and let the wild animals free, causing chaos ensues on the ship.

Former Bond girl Famke Janssen played earlier roles in X-Men and Tasks and was on tv to see in How To Get Away With Murder and Blacklist: Redemption. This year the Louisiana Caviar out in the cinemas in which Janssen plays a leading role. From the end of march running All I Wish in the Us cinemas in which to see them is with Sharon Stone and Tony Goldwyn.

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