Family says goodbye to Andrea Croonenberghs

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The past few months was a Family upside down for the sake of the storyline between Emma and Guido, and the gigolo-the story of Guido. Guido worked previously in the nest, and had of the court a heavy fine to pay. More than 30,000 euros, and that money had the young couple not. Emma and Guido went in search of a solution, Guido didn’t like better than to go into a proposal of Brill – played by Andrea Croonenberghs – to be her date to be. But what originally was all pretty innocent, it seemed, was finally a story in which the tension between Guido and his girlfriend Emma hurry for a marital breakdown resulted. Highlight was Guido that the bed indook with Griet to 20,000 euros to earn. The storyline around paid sex, there was, according to the loyal viewers about and on social media, there was a lot of commotion about this story. The viewers found it not possible that the creators of Family the story of the gigolo uitspeelden, especially since there are also children to the soap opera look. Others were in their world and lived with Emma and William, even though I found the storyline according to some, is full of mistakes.

Guido claimed against Emma that is there in the hotel room, never what had happened but believed his friend did not. Why would Brill 20,000 euros, changed hands for a man that she not to bed? And so invited Emma Brill for an interview. Emma was told that there was really nothing had happened, and that Guido everything purely for the money had done. “I admit, in the beginning, it was mainly to his appearance to do, but the more I Guido got to know, the more I to him began to give,” explains Brill to Emma. “I know of the healing, the process, his conviction. I get that he anything had to save his family. I understood suddenly that he was not ready for what I to him suggested, and that’s when I decided to pay a fine so that a new start could take, together with his family.”

“I wish you all good luck, you’ll love me no longer. I’ll disappear from your life, with or without envelope. Finally, take Emma the money, and Guido to pay the fine. Tuesday I received the viewers Andrea Croonenberghs was last seen in the Family. Or isn’t it? “This guest appearance is in the first instance be limited in time, but what concerns me for renewal.”, told Andrea earlier.

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