Diederik Jekel: ’It is Einstein, Newton and Hawking’

67a2539813f2f9943e71e47f8e21268d - Diederik Jekel: ’It is Einstein, Newton and Hawking’

Stephen Hawking fits without doubt in one row with physicist geniuses like Einstein and Newton. That sets a science journalist Diederik Jekel Wednesday in a reaction to the death of the British physicist.

“He has within the physics the first step towards the uniting of two pillars that are actually not compatible,” explains Jekel. “There are two types of traffic rules: for large stars and planets, and for small particles. Because of his theories about black holes, he has the physics doubt on these, the foundations of all science in this area.”

Jekel, if Hawking in 2014 ask a question during a meeting in Utrecht. “We had, for the NTR program, The knowledge of now the request is filed,” says the journalist. “We had the question in advance to supply, because it is practically a lot time it took to through his voice synthesizer formulate answers to.”

Some scientists were skeptical about the status that Hawking acquired as popicoon, by appearances in series such as Star Trek, The Simpsons and The Big Bang Theory. “He enjoyed”, is Jekels conviction. “You can be pedantic, or cynical about. But he had earned to to choose. Moreover, he knew that in this way a whole new generation to enthuse and inspire you for the box. I have high school students and young students never otherwise than favorably of him.”

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