Creators Big Bang Theory honor Hawking

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The creators of the hit series The Big Bang Theory on social media sorrowful reaction to the death of scientist Stephen Hawking. The Wednesday death Brit starred in seven episodes of the sitcom about a group of nerds in a supporting role. The last time that Hawking appeared at the end of september, in the episode the Proposal Proposal.

The creators of the series put on Twitter a photo of Hawking with the seven fixed protagonists. “It was an honor to have him in our series may have”, they argue. “Thank you for us and the world have inspired.”

Actor Johnny Galecki, who in the series scientist Leonard Hofstadter plays, put the same photo on his Instagram account. “Not only your genius brain but also your sense of humor will very much be missed,” says Galecki.

“The greatest physicist of our time’

Also actress Mayim Bialik shared the pictures and let us know that Hawking “now is freed from its physical limitations”. “I am in mourning for the loss of the greatest physicist of our time. Doctor Hawking, thank you that you have blessed with your wisdom and courage,” says Bialik, who in the series plays the role of Amy Farrah Fowler.

Many other celebrities shared on social media one of the most famous quotes by Hawking: “don’t Forget to watch the stars instead of at your feet.”

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