Court of auditors EU cracks accession assistance Turkey

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BRUSSELS/LUXEMBOURG – The billions of euros in pre-accession aid of the EU to Turkey has given to his laws, to adapt, have but a limited effect. The European Court of auditors concludes in a report.

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Between 2007 and 2021 to more than 9 billion euro. Much more attention should have been paid to essential reforms’ in the field of the rule of law. This includes independent and impartial judiciary, fight against corruption and organised crime, freedom of the press and strengthening of civil society organisations.

The European Commission recognizes that progress in these areas for years is unsatisfactory because of a lack of political will from the Turkish government. Brussels needs the money from this year a lot more targeted spending and in addition conditions, so that Ankara actually reshapes, says rekenkamerlid Bettina Jakobsen. If reforms are inevitable, should the funding should be suspended.


Projects in the field of customs, employment and taxation were slow, but have contributed to the adaptation of Turkish legislation to the EU law. This was in Ankara or political will, but that results stay probably not, says the court of auditors.

The foiled coup of 2016 has made the situation worse, the auditors. The Turkish government has alleged opponents since then, massively dismissed or prosecuted, officials suspended and journalists and civil society organisations silenced.

In the 28 member states is much dissatisfaction about. The negotiations between the EU and Turkey over accession, are already silent, but there is no enthusiasm for the end of the Turkish candidacy for EU membership. The country is considered important for the fight against illegal migration and terrorism.

However, gave the EU government, the European Commission in October the command to take a critical look at the pre-accession assistance. Prime minister Mark Rutte said that there is no support for the Dutch proposal to the funding tap is completely closed.

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