Club of Ugly Children will be filmed

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The children’s book, The Club of Ugly Children of Koos Meinderts get a theatrical release. The direction is in the hands of Jonathan Elbers, who recently hit the Fashion Chicks. The cast will be announced soon, so let distributor Independent Films Wednesday know.

In the film the eleven-year-old Paul, a boy, with big floppy ears, suddenly on school trip. Soon he comes out that he is, in reality, together with hundreds of other children locked up, because he is ugly. In this way, want to be president Isimo the country clean. Paul manages to escape and align along a number of other children, ” The Club of Ugly Children’. From their hiding place they go to battle with the regime of the president.

Elbers made in 2012 at the Academy though a short version of the story. Jeroen Margry wrote the screenplay for the feature film. The recordings are planned for this summer.

Independent Films releases the film on February 13, 2019 in the cinema.

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