Car-coats extends tour with a Small Orchestra

61cff94e459858d0ba0785bda7ecad23 - Car-coats extends tour with a Small Orchestra

The tour of the Small Orchestra, the formation of comedian Harry car-coats, is to be extended. The show Later is already begun and the past is still to come one time back to between november 2018 and may 2019, more than fifty times to see throughout the Netherlands.

A concert of the Small Orchestra in Adolescence (1982).

That has the agency of a car-coats Wednesday reported. The Hague group has had since 1985 not occurred when they last year, their new tour started. The group brought two evergreens of the Dutch song: O, o, Den Haag (Harry Klorkestein), a hymn to the city, and About the Wall, about the separation of East and West Germany.

Further scored Small Orchestra hits with Let me but only Chose to Idly and About 100 years (you are all dead). The group won at the time, inter alia, an Edison for the entire oeuvre.

Raincoats, car coats go except the tour with the Small Orchestra also has a new solo performance play. Behind the dunes, in which he looks back on his life in The Hague, will be exclusively in the Koninklijke Schouwburg in the hague. The series of performances that are now planned, was within an hour sold out.

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