Brace: ’That wedding comes, there I go fighting for’

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They would this year finally be together and marry, but all of a sudden the relationship between Brace and Isabella over. Still, the rapper convinced that there is still a wedding coming.

Brace and Isabella

“I still love my ex, but sometimes the walks of live took a different direction,” says Brace at Grazia. “Over the years we got a brother-zusrelatie. The passion disappeared. But it is not broken between us; we still have good contact and she remains the woman of my dreams.”

The rapper says that there is a lot of pressure on him when he ’droomvrouw’ in marriage early. “Isabella is a good woman with principles. She is someone who has clarity and punctual and careful. She has a totally different way of things than I am. (…) I want to be able to enjoy my freedom and be happy with the things I do, instead of Isabella unintentionally hurt. Because that’s what I did, ” she said.”

According to Brace, there is of hassle not the case and, he stresses, moreover, that the distance is going to appreciate how beautiful it is what Isabelle and he have. The participant in the SBS6 program Fat Fit is everything to do with his childhood sweetheart to reconcile. “I know that I have enough love my wife to be with her to come back. I do not to rules of: out is out. For me it is not death, and for her, I hope not. That wedding comes, there I go fighting for.”

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