Brace believes in marriage with ex Isabella

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Brace is convinced he’s ever going to marry his ex Isabella. According to the singer, the two since their break-up in december again closer to each other.

“The fact that we have taken, I am again going to appreciate how beautiful it is what we have,” says the 31-year-old Brace at Grazia.

The two, who share a son, would actually get married. “It is a good decision to have the marriage cancelled, but it’s going to do, that I promise,” said Brace. “For me it is not death, and for her, I hope not. That wedding comes, there I go fighting for.”

The singer asked Isabella in 2016 in marriage, and after that, in 2012, also had done it once. “When I asked her to marry him, there was a lot of pressure on me to”, he explains. “She has a totally different way of things than I am. That collided. At one point it went completely nowhere more over, you also not more problems.”


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