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‘Bild’ do women now lingerie to

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Bild, the biggest daily newspaper of Germany, will no longer be pictures of topless women in the newspaper to publish.

However, the erotic tinted pictures don’t disappear completely. From now on, the so-called Bild-girls in lingerie or a bikini to wear.

“In recent months we have more and more the feeling that women are both with us on the editorial staff as among our readers these images to be offensive or derogatory experience,” said the newspaper in a statement. “That is nothing compared to the entertainment, especially for men is meant to be.’

The sensatieblad received over the past few years, a lot of opposition from readers that the images are offensive. Until 2012 it had the Bild-girls still on the front page of the newspaper, but after protest they were given a less prominent place.

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