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Anubis-star Loek Beernink was 8 years stalked

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The House of Anubis actress Loek Beernink, known for her role as Nienke, was 8 years long stalked. The stalker is now, after a trial sentenced to a Tbs-clinic, let the actress know on Facebook.

“A opgeluchte shout-out in my ‘silent’ account for all the people who have me supported in an eight-year-long stalkerszaak,” writes Loek on her Facebook page. For a long time online there is nothing of her to hear her last post dates from 2015. In the message let them know that the court has decided that a tbs-clinic for the stalker at the bottom of the case.


The long process in the lawsuit has left its traces in the actress, has her trust in people affected. Luckily, she can now, in the open, sharing that it’s over.

The house of Anubis

Loek Beernink was known by the youth series, The house of Anubis. This hit series on Nickelodeon was 12 years ago, the successor of the jeugdsoap Zoop. Loek played the lead role of Nienke Martens, the new girl in a boarding school and comes to live. In January, the stars with each other and reunited in a special reunion broadcast.

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