Again hulpkonvooi to Eastern Ghouta

ddb508bdf326bd018186b6b957e5ce39 - Again hulpkonvooi to Eastern Ghouta

DAMASCUS – A convoy with relief supplies try Thursday the Syrian rebellenstad Douma to achieve in Eastern Ghouta. Thousands of displaced families have according to the local authorities of a safe refuge sought in that city. Refugees would be forced to sleep on the street.

The convoy with relief goods is composed of about 25 trucks, said Ziad Msallati, a consultant from aid organization, the Syrian Red crescent. The senior UN advisor, Jan Egeland, confirmed that the Syrian authorities have given permission Thursday a convoy to send.

Egeland stressed that nothing is sure until the goods have actually been unloaded. An earlier convoy would be at the expense of the Syrian authorities have been stripped of medical supplies. They obviously wanted to prevent that goods in the hands would come out of rebels.

To raise the Alarm

The local authorities, controlled by the opposition, had Monday to raise the alarm about the humanitarian situation in the city. Certainly seventy bodies would of necessity have been buried in a city park because of it’s raids to be unsafe was to go to the cemetery to go.

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