Actresses reboot Cagney & Lacey known

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The famous politieduo Cagney & Lacey is in the reboot of the eighties-hit series played by Sarah Drew, and Michelle Hurd.

Sharon Gless (l.) and Tyne Daly

Last week it was announced that Sarah, after nine seasons of Grey’s Anatomy is written. That was a shock for the actress, so let them know on Twitter. “I know that you are sad. That I am also”, she wrote in a message to her fans. “I haven’t really had time to process the information. I know it’s less than 48 hours and I’m still not ready for my dankwoorden and a solid statement to give. That will come later.”

Sarah goes into the reboot Christine Cagney in the original a role of Sharon Gless. Michelle, who recently was in Blindspot and Daredevil, goes to the reboot in the skin of Mary Beth Lacey. Tyne Daly won in the eighties, four Emmy’s for her portrayal of that role.

In the hit series were the two agents private total different lives. Cagney was a bachelor carrièrevrouw and Lacey combined her police work with a family. Or that in the reboot also will be so, is not known. Be announced CBS previously that the politieduo this time is not employed in New York, but in Los Angeles. The transmitter has as yet only a pilot of the series ordered.

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