Abe, under fire in case grondverkoop

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TOKYO – Japanese prime minister shinzo Abe and Finance minister Taro Aso are under increasing pressure in connection with an alleged scandal over the sale of land of the state. The ground for a vriendenprijsje are sold to a school which has links with Abes wife, Akie. This week it was announced that the ministry of excerpts from documents relating to the sale had been removed.

But Abe continued Wednesday to insist that he and his wife are not involved in a deal about grondverkoop at sharp discount. “If you go to the documents look for, they were changed, it is clear that my wife and I were involved,” said Abe at a budget committee of the house of lords. Abe has said that he would resign if evidence would be found. The alleged scandal was for the opposition in response to the resignation of the Aso.

The affair threatens the 63-year-old Abe in the most serious political crisis to draw since taking office in 2012 and his chance at a third term as leader of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) programs. If he in september, again as leader of the LDP is elected, it would be him on the track to the longest reigning prime minister of Japan.

Copies of documents submitted Monday by the ministry of Finance were released, show that references to Abe, his wife and Aso about the grondverkoop to the school were removed. In the documents would be a note which will allow Akie Abe is quoted as: “This is good country, so please continue.” Yasunori Kagoike, the former head of the school and his wife remain in custody since last July were arrested during the deal.

Meanwhile, the scandal of a stalemate in the parliament cause, in which opposition parties, the debate on the budget of next year boycott.

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