Who is Gina Reel, the first woman at the head of the CIA?

2156f5739d4a566bd36b3af744e96323 - Who is Gina Reel, the first woman at the head of the CIA?

With Gina Reel gives Donald Trump for the first time, a woman headed the CIA. Reel is a tough woman who tried and tested in the foreign intelligence service.

Gina Reel (61) was, until recently, vice-director of the CIA and, in that capacity, the right hand of director Mike Pompeo, who they follow now that he’s minister for foreign affairs.

Reel came in 1985 to the Foreign intelligence service and worked a large part of her career as a undercoveragente. After that, she held various high positions within the CIA, including deputy managing director of the department of clandestine operations.


In 2002, Reel a clandestine CIA prison in Thailand. Under her supervision would prisoners, when questioned with the infamous waterboarding technique, which makes the feeling of drowning is created, and other violent foltertechnieken. In 2005, she would also recordings of those interrogations, disable have.

In 2013, Reel nominated to the department of clandestine operations in the CIA to lead. The allegations of torture from her past were for Democratic senator Dianne Feinstein, however, reason enough to make that appointment to block. Also her appointment as deputy managing director by president Trump made last year for the fuss.

Within the CIA is Reel, however, is very respected. James Clapper, head of intelligence under Obama, stated in her appointment as deputy managing director that Reel with her subordinates very popular. Former CIA chief Michael Hayden called her a “fantastic” choice and praised her “dignity, professionalism and honor”. Current boss Mike Pompeo described Reel finally, as someone with the remarkable ability to get things done’.

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