Voice Male it quits

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After more than twenty years ‘Flanders’ best-known a capella group, there is a point behind. That they celebrate with a short and powerful farewell tour through Flanders and the Netherlands in the autumn of 2018, and spring 2019. For some, it was sitting there for a while to come, for others it is a complete surprise. In any case, had the boys there is no referendum needed: 2019 is the year of the Voice Male Exit. The Vexit? Vmexit? What does it matter, they are stopping.

In the course of the years they were in reviews sometimes a film called, someone said that she got a capulco sing, without instruments, and was their name on the radio once already pronounced Voitsjee Malee. These guys are so used to quite a lot. And that they have loads of experience gained at home and abroad will all be clear during the show.

What exactly it will be, it is still a surprise but you can already expect a combination of stories from the past, a journey through time, songs of then and now, a laugh, a tear, a most magical moment, someone who are text forget, a missed dance move, a look behind the scenes, or in the tour bus, a crude joke, fiddling with eyes, a risky arrangement, catchy renditions, nachtegalenzang, hand-clapping, voetgestamp, no hassle, clothing which is still just a slightly longer reflection might be, the Lion sleeps tonight, a lot of toemtoem and pampam, … and kind of awkward scuffling, as the curtain eventually falls. Soon, the dates of the farewell shows announced.

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