Turkish army is encircling the city Afrin

7af034367e93d34e89a5ef5d40c7b3b9 - Turkish army is encircling the city Afrin

ANKARA – The Turkish armed forces and allies in the city of Afrin in the eponymous district in the northwest of Syria, is completely surrounded. The Turkish army made that Tuesday itself known.

For residents, the Turkish-Kurdish fights are no fun: they flee en masse away from Afrin.

In a statement, said the army, more than half of Turkey’s neighbouring region of Afrin are now in your hands and a few “areas of critical importance” to have conquered.

The Turkish army fell 20 January the northwest of Syria within to Kurdish fighters to expel. The YPG militias (Volksbeschermingseenheden) are in the eyes of the Turkish government an extension of the terrorist PKK.

Ankara wants to prevent that there is a connection with a much larger Kurdish area to the east thereof.

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