Turkey and the US can send YPG away from Manbij

f5ab3c19c8d8b477619f64050fd5412c - Turkey and the US can send YPG away from Manbij

ANKARA – Turkey and the United States together with the Kurdish Syrians the militia YPG from the place Manbij sheds. The Turkish Foreign Affairs minister Mevlüt Cavusoglu said this Tuesday. According to Cavusoglu, during U.s.-Turkish consultation on 19 march, a plan for the withdrawal of the YPG (Volksbeschermingseenheden) from the Syrian town about 80 kilometers northeast of Aleppo.

Mevlut Cavusoglu.

Turkey wants the YPG, that large parts of the north of Syria, governed, reducing. Turkey considers the YPG as an extension of the terrorist movement PKK. The US support the Kurdish fighters in connection with the fight against the Islamic State. Cavusoglu said that the weapons that the YPG of the USA has been given, be returned.

If the American-Turkish plan failed, then grabs the Turkey’s military, the minister said. Does Turkey now 100 kilometers west, in the region of Afrin.

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