Trump called dismissal Tillerson earlier ‘fake news’

1e92b968655f7fa62f8e7dd0244a1843 - Trump called dismissal Tillerson earlier 'fake news'

The American president Donald Trump said in december that he is Rex Tillerson refused to dismiss. When wrote the New York Times that Mike Pompeo eager to the minister of Foreign Affairs to replace.

The New York Times suggested that the relationship between Tillerson and president Trump under such pressure was that chief of staff John Kelly him away wanted. The minister of Foreign Affairs would be around the turn of the year to be replaced by current CIA boss Mike Pompeo, sounded it back then.

The ‘FAKE NEWS’, responded the president. ‘Tillerson is going anywhere, we are in some ways disagree, but we work well together, and the United States are highly regarded.’ Also, the White House denied that a dismissal, the order was made. ‘If the president lost faith, would Tillerson is no longer in function,” said spokeswoman Sara Sanders.

Now, Rex Tillerson however, the laan issued, and he is replaced by Mike Pompeo. As the New York Times a few months ago wrote.

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