Tourist giving birth in the Red Sea

4c01946b36bbdf9d890179c3e54da852 - Tourist giving birth in the Red Sea

DAHAB – A woman gave birth in the Red Sea from the Egyptian town Dahab. The special moment was captured: on the pictures you can see that there is suddenly a baby, including the umbilical cord and placenta, out of the water is to be worn.

It is unclear whether the woman, who allegedly of Russian ancestry, deliberately gave birth in the sea, or that the delivery was unexpected.

The baby was out of the water, carried by her father, or a doctor, then the partner of the woman is a orange box came to deliver the placenta. The photos are frequently shared on social media.

The new mother came, so on the photos to see, from the water to walk as if nothing was wrong. Her partner took photographs of the moment.

Social media users speak full of praise about the beauty and tranquility surrounding the birth of the baby.

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