‘Tillerson learned resigns via tweet Trump’

9857604b798604bdb9dba68fc2faec05 - ‘Tillerson learned resigns via tweet Trump’

American president Donald Trump would Rex Tillerson not in advance have informed about his resignation as minister of Foreign Affairs or the reason behind it. That said already Tillersons right hand Steve Goldstein. That would be shortly after his statement redundant.

Shortly after president Trump via Twitter the dismissal of Tillerson had published, declared deputy minister of Foreign Affairs Steve Goldstein that his boss for that tweet was not aware of his impending farewell.

“The minister was determined to remain because of the significant progress he made in the field of national security,” says Goldstein. “The minister spoke with president Trump, and has no idea of the reason for his resignation, but he is grateful for being allowed to have, and still believes that public office is a noble calling.”

Meanwhile, reports the American news agency AP that Goldstein, according to two sources within the government shortly after his statement on the news was that he could leave. That was tentative not confirmed by the deputy minister himself.


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