The sleeping beauty enchants the Queen elizabeth concert hall

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Sleeping beauty comes in August to the Queen elizabeth concert hall in the ZOO. That’s great news for production house Deep Bridge. Antwerp ZOO and Deep Bridge, which has also been scored with the ‘Rocky Horror Show’ and ‘Knights of the round table’, beating the hands into each other this summer. Sleeping beauty got in the early spring, more than fifteen thousand visitors in Antwerp, Hasselt and Ghent. The performance was by the press and the public received very favourably, and now plays so, as the first in a series, during the summer in the renowned Queen elizabeth concert hall.

“We are particularly pleased with the confidence that we have received from the ZOO and will do everything to prove that we trust are worth it. We are building a tradition from which the fairy tale first, by the whole of Flanders draws and in the summer months, the Queen elizabeth concert hall of the ZOO. The combination of musical and a visit to the ZOO has in the past proved a success and will undoubtedly do again. The ZOO has been and continues to be one of our main attractions, ” they say with Deep Bridge.

For the performances in the Queen elizabeth concert hall is the cast complemented with Helle Vanderheyden. Tinne Oltmans will, after all, a number of representations default, have to let you go to the concerts Ghostrockers to play. With the Hell we get, however, a topper in the house to Tin a few days to replace. For these representations are, moreover, additional sets built, and the ensemble is expanded.

Sleeping beauty plays from 2 August at the Queen elizabeth concert hall, the ticket sales start on march 16 through and The cooperation with the Antwerp ZOO, also results in a nice benefit for ticketkopers. Who has a ticket for Sleeping beauty buy, immediately gets a nice discount on a ZOO ticket. The ideal way to both combine and a day in Antwerp to stay.

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