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The last Moordvrouw

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Last Sunday was the last episode of Moordvrouw season 7 show on RTL4. Actress Wendy van Dijk posted a video with the latest nightly shot, but it is the last opnameshot ever?

“Thank you all for all the hard work,” says Wendy, who is a detective Fenna Kramer is playing in the exciting series. Under the video, she writes that the film the last shot was at 04:00 at night. She thanks the viewers for all your support and gives everyone time to enjoy.

Dear Moordvrouwfans. This was the last shot to 04:00 night of season 7 . Tonight is also the last episode of this season. I want you to thank for your support!!! And enjoy a moment! Love from us. @thijsromer @fockeline @achmedakkabi @alibenhorsting @stefanievanl ❤️you all

A post shared by Wendy van Dijk (@wendyvandijk3) on Mar 11, 2018 at 9:49am PDT

Moordvrouw season 8

The question now is how long that enjoyment can continue. After seven seasons, there is still no confirmation of an eighth season. “Here We can unfortunately say anything about that. That decision we’ll take later,” allow RTL to RTL Boulevard.

Spoiler alert

Spoilers: Who can be the last episode has seen, knows that the team Moordvrouw of Dries back should come to the police, so a new season of sounds, in any case, very promising.

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