Stolen art treasures in the toeristenvilla’s

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ROME – Criminal art dealers have luxury villas for tourists to the amalfi Coast, south of Naples, decorated with sometimes centuries-old stolen paintings. The Italian state police has a total of 37 works of great cultural value seized.

Below, in a work that is attributed to the Bolognese baroque painter Guido Reni from the seventeenth century and five altarpieces from the period 1600-1800. Which are, according to the newspaper Corriere della Sera stolen from churches in the region of Aquila, who in 2009 was hit by a severe earthquake.

A gang of thieves has the art in twenty years time ’collected’. A research, that september began last year, has revealed that the collection in expensive homes was exhibited. The police said Tuesday that three people in custody are held because of their illegal practices, but they are still not arrested.

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