Starring Simone Kleinsma tastes like more

92da2321429c3f5835247cc3edad4cda - Starring Simone Kleinsma tastes like more

Simone Kleinsma see it would be more often the starring role in a film. “Absolutely,” she said Monday night at the premiere of Thirst at the ANP.

Premiere Thirst, Elise van ‘t Laar and Simone Kleinsma

Understand the alternation with the theatre will find Simone to be fun. “It is a huge difference and that is fun to do. You have no people for you to sit, you sit with a camera for you snufferdje. You need a lot less play and you get no response. It is totally not comparable, but it is all two, great fun.”

Both Simone, who is in Thirst for the first time, a singing drummer, like her tegenspeelster Elise van ’t Laar is proud of the film. “We are very curious about all the reactions, to what the rest of the people think,” said Elise.

For her it was ’very special’ to be with an experienced actress like Simone to work. “But for both of us, it is also the first starring role in a film, so in that respect it was very similar.”

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