Son of Karen Damen has a special message

df8cf79a3ea839474110660b72787d3b - Son of Karen Damen has a special message

This Friday, Karen gives Damen a big concert in the Lotto Arena in Antwerp and that is the finale of “Karen makes a plate”. Sky, the son of Karen, had Tuesday morning special news. On the social media released a photo of the Sky that a sweater wear with the message “My mommy’s plate is out”. But Karen has such a sweater with the message “My plate”. Karen Damen got the two sweaters of superfans Jimmy Bergé and Dario that Q3 and also Karen Damen just about everywhere to follow. Karen got the two sweaters during the showcase at the FNAC in Antwerp. Jimmy and Dario hope secretly that Karen the sweater Friday night (as) will wear during her concert in the Lotto Arena. In any case, it gave Sky already a good example.

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