“Sometimes she pulls packets of cocaine by the toilet

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Barry Hay is well under the thumb held by his wife Sandra. That is, according to the Golden Earring frontman needed. “Or else I go into excesses,” he says in VIVA.

Barry Hay and his wife Sandra

“I can sometimes be in such a’dirty pie’ – as I call it – end up, where I difficult struggles, because I have my cat try to drown”, shows Barry as an example. “And that hangovers get worse and worse. After a few days you will start to deteriorate. Sandra can be very good brakes. Sometimes she pours all the beverage bottles empty. Or she pulls packets of cocaine by the toilet. Then I stand there crestfallen in addition, as a small boy that spanking has had. But I know that she’s right. I also feel better when I don’t have.”

According to Barry, he is also often a large child. “That has its pros and cons. It is quite tasty, as a child, and to live. Children are open and impulsive, that’s the fun. But children also need to be corrected, and that makes Sandra so with me,” he says.

Barry and Sandra are now more than thirty years together. Without her, the 69-year-old rocker, not more. “A while ago there was San is seriously ill, there was even talk that it might be really serious. That thought in mind, I would… I don’t know what. I can’t live without Sandra.”

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