Selma Blair regrets ’joke’ about Cameron Diaz

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Selma Blair contradicts the news that Cameron Diaz stopped with acting, a rumor that they own the world had helped. It would be a joke. That writes the actress Monday on Twitter.

Cameron Diaz and Selma Blair together in 2002 at the premiere of the Sweetest Thing

“Guys, please, I made a joke in an interview. Cameron Diaz has never stopped,” said Blair in her tweet. “And still more news: I stop now as a spokesperson for Cameron Diaz.”

Blair, who with Diaz in the movie the Sweetest Thing ‘ is played, said earlier in an interview with Metro that Diaz was stopped from acting because they are done with it. She was, according to her friend be happy with her life and free time.

She seems not entirely wrong: Diaz was in 2014 for the last time in a movie to see. In 2015, she married rock musician Benji Madden. In 2017, she would, according to E News! during the Goop Wellness Summit Saturday have said that they again had to discover, after two decades of film set to film set had traveled. “I can’t really say who I am. And that is difficult to face. I had the feeling that I myself whole again.

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