SEE: Jules Deelder sell run-down, ’castle’ in style

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It will be a unique photo gallery: the house of Jules Deelder on Funda. The spherical black and white images are much more likely to think of images for an artistic exhibition, than appropriate as promotional items.

Jules Deelder

But smart is also because that style seems to be a hole in the ceiling suddenly hugely stylish, especially if the nachtburgemeester himself including the distracting or the image complements with his legs about a hilton desk being beaten. And to the idea of a photo series, but: Jules Deelder on a ladder for a row of filing cabinets. Those who served there have a broken ceiling with so much artistry?

The broker points to Funda on the strength of the house, accompanied by a small warning. ’The castle of the only real Nachtburgemeester, Jules Deelder Rotterdam nachtburgemeester’ is ’with love been inhabited and has many authentic details, however, a renovation is necessary’.


It is exactly the renovation that Deelder did decide to move. To Radio Rijnmond tells the broker that the decision was taken when the ceiling fell down, just before Deelders desk. The house was also too large and requires more maintenance than Deelder can succeed. The hole in the ceiling sealed, didn’t have the smart broker. “The house of Jules Deelder, may be a little raw.”

The missing them, according to him, not to those interested, and the good reputation of Performance helps in this, he tells the local radio station. “We have also occasionally houses sold by people with a damaged reputation and it becomes difficult. When Performance is not a disadvantage. He has a good reputation and Rotterdamser to live in his house.” And say to yourself: € 950,000 to 400 square metres in the heart of Rotterdam… the enthusiast will take a renovation than for love.

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