Saïda Maggé follows Joost Karhof at Nieuwsuur

8e3d844bf78c851aae60c2ece2a5ca80 - Saïda Maggé follows Joost Karhof at Nieuwsuur

Saïda Maggé is one of the new faces of Nieuwsuur. She takes the role of the deceased Joost Karhof about as invalpresentator, so has the NTR/NOS-program announced.

Saïda Maggé

Maggé currently works at the NTR as a presenter at the part in The Bus, News and Co on NPO Radio 1. Prior to this she was a long time working at AT5, where years of the AT5 News and various talk shows presented. “With Saïda, we get a young and large presentatietalent within,” says Nieuwsuur-editor Joost Oranje. “She is an excellent journalist, good interviewing and has AT5 already a lot of tv-kilometres made.”

Maggé sits in the middle of may for the first time on the desk at Nieuwsuur. The program is still working on the replacement of fixed anchor Twan Huys, who switches to RTL.

The versatile presenter Joost Karhof died in december last year, suddenly, in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. The exact cause of death was never known, had already Karhof regularly indicated that he was concerned about the consequences of his addiction on his health.

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