Russians against Great Britain: “Bad idea to have nuclear power to threaten’

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MOSCOW – The tension between the United Kingdom and Russia runs further and further on. The Russian Foreign ministry warned Tuesday that it is a bad idea is to “become a nuclear power to threaten”, reports the Russian news agency RIA.

Moscow threatened earlier measures against the United Kingdom. “Threats to the introduction of sanctions against Russia will not remain unanswered,” according to the ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Brits do, according to the department of good the warning in their mind.

The countries are in the clinch on the zenuwgasaanval on a former double agent and his daughter in Salisbury. The British government has the Kremlin to midnight given to clarify the issue. The means to be used would be developed in the former Soviet Union.

Russia Today

The British mediatoezichthouder Ofcom said to consider the license of the Russian news channel RT at the light. A spokeswoman for the Russian ministry of Foreign Affairs said that “no British media even in our country will work if they are Russia Today quit”.

The British ambassador in Moscow, Laurie Bristow, said on Tuesday that Britain is an statement expected from Russia about how the nerve gas that was used in the attack on the former in Great Britain has come. “I repeat the comments of premier May that we by the end of today a report from the Russian state expect about how this material, in Salisbury, is used,” said Bristow, after a meeting with the Russian deputy minister of Foreign Affairs, Vladimir Titov.

Denial attack Sergei Skripal

Russia denies, however, to be involved in the attack on Sergei Skripal and his daughter and will not accept the British ultimatum. First, it wants Moscow to have access to the suspect samples of the nerve agent and must London a joint research permit, said the Russian ministry of Foreign Affairs Tuesday.

“Otherwise, all statements of London is meaningless.” Without these concessions, the actions of Britain is an “inhuman effort” to Russia to discredit, added the ministry.

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