Rus has been found dead in London

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The Russian Nikolai Gloesjkov lived in exile in London. He was found dead in his house. Reports that the British newspaper The Guardian.

The police was to 22.46 local time recalled to Clarence Avenue in New Malden, where the man was found by his wife and friends. There is still no cause of death known. “But there is no evidence that the death is linked to the incident in Salisbury’, according to the London police.

The police imposes no link between this death and the assassination attempt on a former and his daughter in Salisbury, in the south of England. However, examining the British antiterreureenheden the death of the man as a precaution, because of the possible relationships of the man.

Gloesjkov was friends with oligarch Boris Berezovski, an opponent of the Russian president vladimir Putin. In 2013, he was found dead on his estate in England with a noose around his neck. Both belonged to the anti-Poetinkamp in ‘Londongrad’.

Gloesjkov, in 1999, sentenced in Russia to prison for fraud and money laundering. He was released in 2004. Afterwards he lived in Great Britain, where he has political asylum. Last year he was again convicted in Russia, this time to eight years ‘ imprisonment. He was accused of a miljoenendiefstal of the oil company Sibneft in Russia.

In 2011 he gave evidence to a British court in the case of Berezovski against oligarch Roman Abramovich. This last was a good piece of paper to the Kremlin.

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