Republicans: no evidence of conspiracy Russia and Trump

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WASHINGTON – Republicans in the Inlichtingencommissie of the House of Representatives is no evidence that Russia has interfered in the election campaign of the Us president Donald Trump. The commission has hearings around the investigation of the alleged conspiracy was completed.

“We have found no evidence for a conspiracy, coordination or conspiracy between the Trump campaign, and the Russians,” reads the opinion of the Republicans that a 150-page report have been drawn up that to the Democrats is sent to review.

Representative Mike Conaway, the investigation, says that they all said that they wanted to speak. “You never know what you never know, but we saw no reason to think that there is something that we, in this connection, miss.” According to Conaway was sometimes a question of encounters that are inappropriate and better not had been able to take place.

The Republican findings were from a Democratic angle criticized. The Democrats blame the Republicans Trump the hand above the head. Adam Schiff, a Democratic representative in the commission, called the study “fundamentally incomplete.” It is expected that the Democrats with its own report.

Trump himself tweeted after the news went out in capital letters that the Inlichtingencommissie after “fourteen months of in-depth research” no evidence had been found.

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